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Golf in Korea

Korea is renowned for producing world-class golfers but many golfers are unaware of the many world-class golf courses in Korea. For many of the best golf packages and info on golf in Korea, try this site:

Golf in South Korea, one of the major tourist places of Asia, has numerous ways in which tourists and locals can be engaged. From shopping to entertainment, and sport and recreation, South Korea golf enjoys a range of activities in which people can easily participate. South Korea prides itself on the great number of parks, sports clubs and a wide range of recreational facilities that it offers to the local people and the visitors. Right from global sports like football, baseball, tennis to muscle sports like wrestling and boxing, from winter sports like skating and skiing, to elite sports like golf and horse riding, and various martial arts forms, South Korea is a haven for sports-lovers. One of the most popular sports here is Golf.

Golf in South Korea is very popular, and unlike other countries in the world, the membership to golf clubs in South Korea is extremely cheap, with the consequence that golf is more accepted and well-liked. Golf in South Korea is especially a forte of the women of the land, with over 30 Korean women playing on the world’s leading women’s tour, the LPGA tour in the United States. The best-known Korean woman golfer is Pak Se-ri.